Build Resilience and Confidence through Music!

Empower children through songs and downloadable resources so they can grow into happy and healthy adults

Our songs provide a fun and exciting way for children to learn about healthy living, math, literacy and more! Each song has a message or a lesson to empower children and build their confidence.

“We have been playing the Pow Wow CD in the car and we all have our favourite. Our daughter always asks for the Super Food Heroes song, my wife loves the Dinosaur song and mine is the Three Little Pigs. They are so catchy!”

The MacDonald Family

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Downloadable resources and activities

Our Super Food Heroes are here to motivate and inspire.

Their downloadable resources and activities make learning about healthy living more fun and engaging!

Start your adventure, and Save the Day from Unhealthy Habits!

Caroline’s Story: Why I Started Pow Wow Academy