Pow Wow Academy

Health Workshops and Resources for Children

We want to empower children to make their own healthy choices by delivering a powerful message advocating healthy living and a ‘can do’ attitude with adventure, fun and working together to make a difference!


Ticks off National Curriculum and Ofsted Boxes – make your school a healthy one!

At just £2.65 per child, these workshops are excellent value for money

One workshop won’t change the world, but this is the workshop that lasts! 

The website offers downloadable resources, songs, activities and bespoke advice 

“We have been playing the Pow Wow CD in the car and we all have our favourite. Our daughter always asks for the Super Food Heroes song, my wife loves the Dinosaur song and mine is the Three Little Pigs. They are so catchy!”

The MacDonald Family

Caroline’s Story: Why I Started Pow Wow Academy