The Little Book of Outdoor Play by Sally Featherstone

(Amazon £8.99 but you can get it cheaper).

I am a firm believer in getting children outside in the fresh air and this book has lots of  great ideas to engage children and adults alike. It also highlights the links with learning goals in the Foundation stage. Also if you are a busy parent, it’s important to do things you enjoy and if like me, gardening is therapeutic, then this book allows you and your child to bond while having fun.  

The Communication Trust website was recommended to me by a speech and language teacher.

It provides really useful help and resources for parents of children with language delay and social communication difficulties.


Kidscape has advice on anti-bullying and they also have a parent advice line;

020 7823 5430 (Mon-Tues 10am – 5pm.


Young Minds website have lots of advice and resources around mental health and there is some great information for parents and teachers to teach children resilience.

They also have a parents helpline 0808 802 5544

I am a firm believer in early intervention, so if you are worried about your child, do contact these websites.