New research shows the importance of building resilience in children, which is about the ability to ‘pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again’. We all have set backs in life, so it’s about managing them.

The following are my simple tips for building resilience:

Use activities/games/workbooks/online experience etc. which enhance

1, a sense of belonging – create places and communities where children feel they are ‘liked’  and ‘valued’ by their parents/carers/teachers/friends.

2, the ability to ask for help and build positive relationships.


According to Andrew Fuller (clinical psychologist and education consultant), the three major factors which predict good outcomes for children are:

A sense of being loved by your family.

Having a diversity of friendship groups.

Having a person (often a teacher) outside of the family, who is able to look beyond the smokescreen of a particular behaviour at that stage and say “you’re alright, I like you” etc.

These components changed those children’s’ lives forever, whether they were doing well initially or not.


Three videos relating to resilience which may be helpful to watch:

1, InBrief – How Resilience is Built (

2, Rubber band Kids – Kids Matter and Resilience (