CPD Teacher Training

Caroline is able to offer fun, health and well–being workshops for teachers/staff. This means your school can implement our workshops, whenever you feel like it, without having to book a facilitator. A one off session means teachers will experience what the children would learn with engaging resources (Super Food Heroes) and then be able to deliver the workshop during regular PE sessions. It also provides an opportunity for staff to enhance their own health and well-being.   

What’s involved?

A fun one hour session for teachers/staff;

During the session

5 mins: Intro and brain storm ‘What does being healthy mean?’

10 mins: Warm up to ‘Super Food Heroes’ song with actions to prepare body and reinforce message.

Check it (what’s on your plate?)
Eat it (if it’s healthy)
Zap it (leave it, if it’s unhealthy)

15 mins: Super Food Heroes Circuit. Identifying muscle groups used and linking to everyday lifestyles. Celebrating difference/teamwork reminding teachers to use Heroes as role models (five teachers at each station).

15 mins: Food Circuit, using photographs – linking how eating/handling different foods affect our bodies.

10 mins: stretch and relaxation/mindfulness

5 mins: ‘What have you learnt?’ section


After the session

15 mins Q&A


What do you receive?

Once Caroline has delivered a workshop, your school will be sent:

  • Free downloadable workbooks featuring our Super Food Heroes (great for follow on  work in the classrooms and can be used for groups/individuals).
  • Free downloadable images of our Super food Heroes (you can print/laminate and use in your own workshop/PE sessions).
  • Free MP3 of our original music (you can use in your own workshop/PE sessions).  

Each session is suitable for a total of 30 staff members and Caroline is able to deliver two separate sessions which could also include Teaching Assistants.

The beauty of including all staff in training; more awareness of health, well-being and resilience leads to happier and empowered adults, which then reflects on the children’s well-being.

The cost of delivering up to two sessions during an inset day is £150.


Daniella Lang, the headteacher of Brimsdown primary school said

“Prioritising staff happiness at work has led to a marked improvement in our school’s Ofsted grade – and a new harmony in the staffroom”

The Guardian, Thursday 1st February 2018

What Caroline needs from you


Space needed for the workshop will be about a gym sized space – enough room for the teachers to exercise!


I’ll bring most of the materials I’ll need to do the workshop, however it would be helpful to have some sound system in place to play music!


Exercise mats for some of the exercises!

Dress code

It’s important that teachers/staff come dressed in their PE gear (leggings, t-shirt and trainers are fine).

Finally, come with the aim of having fun and discovering your inner child!