Why Resilience Matters In Children, So Let’s Talk BRATS!
Caroline Sargeant Pow Wow Academy

NO! Not those kind of brats, I mean:


Hello lovely teachers, parents and carers, I know you are pushed for time. How do I know that?
Easy, peasy… because I work with kids. I have also fostered, adopted and presented a ton of workshops in schools. So let’s cut to the chase.

BRATS will help you to achieve your goals in class or at home whether you want to improve a child’s academic ability or STOP yourself tearing your hair out because of difficult behaviour. Follow the BRATS principle and see for yourself.

While there is lots of fab advice out there, sometimes we forget the simple things. A child needs a sense of BELONGING to the people in his/her life. Imagine for a moment, when everything has gone wrong in your life, how hard was it to concentrate on anything, especially work? What got YOU back on track? For most of us, it’s the people/family in our lives who provided support during the tough times. That sense of belonging.

What can you do? Show warmth…genuine warmth. While I don’t advocate favouritism in the classroom, it is worth being mindful of the children who have special needs, a tough home life, are transitioning between foster homes or dealing with a new culture. Behaviour can be difficult if children are coping with poverty, arguments, sensory overload, unrealistic expectations or different home settings.
Basically be the adult who likes that child (they really need you to, whether they show it or not.)
Check out this link on BELONGING…https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/risks-and-protective-factors/school-based-risk-factors/relationships-and-belonging/#

Research shows the importance of building resilience in children, which is about the ability to ‘pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again’. We all have set backs in life, so it’s about managing them.
The following are my simple tips for building resilience:
Use activities, games, workbooks, online experience which enhance
1, a sense of belonging – create places and communities where children feel they are ‘liked’ and ‘valued’ by their parents, carers, teachers and friends.
2, the ability to ask for help and build positive relationships.

According to Andrew Fuller (clinical psychologist and education consultant), the three major factors which predict good outcomes for children are:

A sense of being loved by your family.

Having a diversity of friendship groups.

Having a person (often a teacher) outside of the family, who is able to look beyond the smokescreen of a particular behaviour at that stage and say “you’re alright, I like you” etc.

These components changed those children’s’ lives forever, whether they were doing well initially or not.
Check out this link on RESILIENCE…..https://youtu.be/KP5sG4qb3Rk

If you follow the steps we’ve already talked about then there is a good chance of attachment. However it’s important to remember that children who have had disruptive lives may do everything to sabotage attachment. They are scared to invest emotionally because it’s just too painful when adults let them down. This is particularly so for children in foster care (I know from personal experience). It takes an amazing teacher/person to continue to love and support a child who plays mind games, emotionally manipulates and creates a dynamic which is designed to destroy their lives and impact on everyone around them. It’s not the child’s fault but let’s be real, when people talk about ‘love being enough’ it just isn’t; not on it’s own anyway. It takes determination to see success, so watch this video link for great tips on how to promote ATTACHMENT in your school…..https://youtu.be/tNwybnegRMU

At Pow Wow Academy we provide health, well-being and resilience workbooks, featuring our Super Food Heroes. They are a fun way of engaging children in a primary school or home based learning setting and meet the requirements set out by Ofsted. Our heroes work as a team so are brilliant examples for the BRATS model. Go to our website for resources, info and TOOLS …. www.powwowacademy.com

If you practice all of the above and are consistent with BRAT then that = success, so good luck with BRATS!

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