Health and Well-Being Workshop for Pre-School and Reception Class

(30 minutes lesson plan for 3-5 years)

A Pow Wow Pre-School Workshop helps practitioners meet Ofsted requirements as set out below.

Development Grade Descriptors

Practitioners provide a healthy diet and a range of opportunities for physically active play, both inside and outdoors.

They give clear and consistent messages to children that support healthy choices around food, rest, exercise and screen time.

Practitioners value and understand the practice and principles of equality and diversity. Helping children to reflect on their differences and what makes them unique.

What Happens in Workshops

Jake Meets The Super Food Heroes

5 minutes:

Children are introduced to the puppet Jake who is feeling rather sad because he is unable to play his favourite game of football. His friend Ruby explains to him it’s because he eats too many jelly beans and has lost all his muscle power and energy! Ruby asks Jake if he would like to meet the Super Food Heroes.

10 minutes:

Children are introduced to the heroes such as Protein Pete, Carbo Charlie, Safflower Saffia etc, via the Super Food Hero boards to motivate and inspire children.

They are also shown photos of the heroes favourite foods; linking how eating/handling different foods affect our bodies. E,g. Protein Pete eats chicken, fish or lentils to build strong muscles. Carbo Charlie eats rice and pasta – to have energy and be able to run and play football.

Children engage with the Heroes by learning they are all different and yet work as a team to Eat Smart! Stay Strong! Be Fit!

10 minutes:

Children do the Jelly Bean Shake song (with specific exercises and which highlights the message that if we eat too many sweets/jelly beans we become a bit wobbly like a a jelly on a plate). The children have great fun, wobbling their bodies to the very catchy chorus.

5 minutes:

What have you learnt section.

As part of the workshop you will receive a CD and activity booklet which includes the Jelly Bean Shake song and the Super Food Heroes song and lyrics.


  • Jake and Ruby puppets.
  • Super Food Heroes Boards and food photos.
  • Pow Wow CD.

Pre-School to provide CD Player and space for the children to move.

So, are you committed to teaching and raising a generation of healthier, happier children?