PowWow Academy – PE Sessions




Can be used for individuals or in pairs.

At a cost of £2 per workbook which you can copy, they are very affordable and meet the Ofsted requirements as set out below. Pow Wow A5 workbook concentrates on resilience featuring our Super Food Heroes such as Veggie Victor and Fruity Fiona.

Ofsted common inspection framework guidelines state:

To be outstanding, schools must enable students to be able to 'make informed choices about healthy eating, fitness and their emotional and mental well-being'.

Our Super Food Heroes motivate children to live healthy lives, without being preached at.

Please Note:
The A5 booklet is designed to be printed on both sides of two sheets of A4 paper. Please make sure your printer is set to double sided.


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Use our Super Food Heroes to inspire and motivate children to get active. 

Use it whenever you want to inject something new into your regular PE sessions. Depending on time available, this workout can be made longer or shorter…it gives you the flexibility. 

What’s included?

11 images of Super Food Heroes doing the circuit exercises to motivate and inspire children.

Lesson guide and information for teachers.

MP3 of music for PE session.