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For most of my adult life I have worked with children, either with my own child who was diagnosed with ADHD or with children in schools – and I noticed a huge problem; even though there are several amazing campaigns out there to promote healthy living, there is still an issue around children and obesity. In order for a mindset to change, children need to be engaged and empowered so that long term goals are achieved. Teachers and parents know it takes more than one lesson or one workshop to change habits, especially about something as important as healthy lifestyle choices.

The Bigger Problem


Children in the UK in year six are overweight or obese


Children in the UK experience mental health problems


Children in the UK do not take part in any organised sport

Children’s mindset about their own health in this country is a massive problem, but we can only lecture them so much!

Workshops Designed with Real Children in Mind


Children Need Varied Activities!

Lectures about healthy choices don’t always work. In order for   children to be excited about health and well-being, they need to be having fun doing the activities!


Children Need Long Term Routine!

As teachers and parents know, children need an ongoing routine for something to really become part of their mindset!


Children Need to Feel Empowered

Children need more than a lecture, they need to be empowered to make healthy decisions on their own!


Children Need to know about Mental Health

Children need support to build resilience, which is the best indicator for a successful life.

“I love the enthusiasm, energy and whole idea”

Ms. Vomero

Rockmount Primary

“I think they were well planned, informative and engaging!”

Ms. Vomero

Rockmount Primary

Why Choose PowWow?

We understand the link between Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Health

At the PowWow Academy workshops, we teach children all aspects of their health are important. By showing the connections between their mental and physical health, we encourage children to reap the benefits of healthy living. 

Superhero Role Models for children to look up to

Our Superfood Heroes are a hit with children! Designed as fun characters that children can look up to as healthy role models and who  promote well-being, fitness and super foods. Our superheroes say Eat Smart! Stay Strong! Be Fit! 

Resources that keep children engaged long term

We know that one workshop won’t change a child’s mindset, so we offer a range of supporting materials that will help you keep your children fit and engaged in the long run. Songs, worksheets, and activities for every type of learner.

Our Motto is

Eat Smart, Stay Strong, Be Fit!

So, are you committed to teaching and raising a generation of healthier, happier children?