About the Workshops

At the Pow Wow Academy workshops, we teach children all aspects of their health are important. By showing the connections between their mental and physical health, we encourage children to reap the benefits of healthy living. 

Our workshops feature the Super Food Heroes and they are a hit with children! Designed as fun characters that children can look up to as healthy role models and who promote well-being, fitness and super foods. Our superheroes say Eat Smart! Stay Strong! Be Fit!


Ticks off National Curriculum and Ofsted Boxes – make your school a healthy one!

At just £2.65 per child, these workshops are excellent value for money, no matter what your budget

One workshop won’t change the world, but this is the workshop that lasts! With follow up assessments and activities

The website offers downloadable creative resources, songs, activities and bespoke advice that keep engagement running

The Bigger Problem

Even though there are several amazing campaigns out there to promote healthy living, there is still an issue around children and obesity.


Children in the UK in year six are overweight or obese


Children in the UK experience mental health problems


Children in the UK do not take part in any organised sport

Children’s mindset about their own health in this country is a massive problem, but we can only lecture them so much!

Workshops Designed with Real Children in Mind

Our workshops empower children to make their own decisions about healthy living.


Children Need Varied Activities!

Lectures about healthy choices don’t always work. In order for   children to be excited about health and well-being, they need to be having fun doing the activities!


Children Need Long Term Routine!

As teachers and parents know, children need an ongoing routine for something to really become part of their mindset!


Children Need to Feel Empowered

Children need more than a lecture, they need to be empowered to make healthy decisions on their own!


Children Need to know about Mental Health

Children need support to build resilience, which is the best indicator for a successful life.

What Happens in Workshops

Before the session

Before the session begins properly, a facilitator will set up six circuit stations around the school hall. Each of these will have a Super Food Hero board to motivate and inspire the children.

During the session

5 mins: Intro and brain storm ‘What does being healthy mean?’

10 mins: Warm up to ‘Super Food Heroes’ song with actions to prepare body and reinforce message.

Check it (what’s on your plate?)
Eat it (if it’s healthy)
Zap it (leave it, if it’s unhealthy)

15 mins: Super Food Heroes Circuit. Identifying muscle groups used and linking to everyday lifestyles. Celebrating difference/teamwork using Heroes as role models (five children at each station).

15 mins: Food Circuit, using photographs – linking how eating/handling different foods affect our bodies.

5 mins: ‘What have you learnt?’ section

Super Food Heroes Circuit

1st Circuit = Exercises on laminated cards at each station related to character e.g. Protein Pete – press ups to build muscle.

Protein Pete – STRENGTH – Press-ups and Tricep Dips

Fruity Fiona – MINDFULNESS – Plank and V-sit

Dairy Daisy and Calcium Cassia – HEALING – Frog Jump/Healing Pulse and Jumping Jacks

Safflower Saffia – FLEXIBILITY/AGILITY – Quad Stretch and Skating Curl

Veggie Victor – SMART AND SHARP – Superman and Squat Kick

Carbo Charlie – SPEED – Mountain Climber and Jogging

What we need from you


Space needed for the workshop will be about a gym sized space – enough room for the children to run around in!


I’ll bring most of the materials I’ll need to do the workshop, however it would be helpful to have some sound system in place to play songs!


I can workshop up to 30 children at a time. It’s important that they come dressed in their PE gear and come with a positive attitude!


I will need exercise mats for the children to be able to unleash their full superhero potential!

What does that even look like?


What's everyone else thinking?

People are loving it! Parents and teachers have been giving us great feedback. Read the testimonials.

“I love the enthusiasm, energy and whole idea”

Ms. Vomero

Rockmount Primary

“Helps you care about being fit and healthy”

Feedback from Year 3 children to their teacher

Rockmount Primary

“They were well planned, informative and engaging”

Deputy Head Teacher

Rockmount Primary

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